Choose your next travel adventure with Travel Spin

Travel Spin
We’ve all dreamed of throwing a dart on a map and going wherever it lands. Most often than not, however, it lands in the middle of the ocean, or outside of your world atlas. Even when it lands on a country, you need to decide where in the country you would like to go. Actually, let’s be completely honest: Chances are you’ve never gotten around to throwing the dart in the first place.

For everyone who dreams of hopelessly adventurous travels yet wants more than an ambiguous dart on a map, the solution is here, and it’s utterly awesome. Travel Spin is a new website that basically works like a dart. All you have to do is click “inspire me” and it’ll throw you into a random place in the world. With more than two thousand destinations, the travel suggestions it offers are endless. With places in all continents ranging from cities to deserts to islands, there really is no predicting where you will end up. Landed on a place that doesn’t really rock your boat? No big deal, just click the “spin again” button and wait to be surprised.

If you think the fun is over, you will be happy to know you are far from right. Like a faithful Sancho Panza (you, of course, get to be Don Quixote), Travel Spin doesn’t stop at the destination, and goes on to give you all the travel suggestions necessary for a great trip. Input your hometown to get a rundown of how far your destination is, different ways of getting there, and even an estimate for flight, train, and boat tickets. If the prices don’t fit your budget, don’t fret! The site gives you suggestions for nearby airports that might be cheaper. It also gives you information on hotels available in the area, and a descriptive list of cool things to do. To make everything even better, each destination comes with some incredible travel photos that will take you on a beautiful visual journey.

The website is made to fit all adventure lovers looking for an immersive experience in distant corners of the world. Probably the best thing about it is that it will introduce you to places that weren’t even on your radar. In a second, you can go from never having heard of a place, to having all the information about it in front of you. From now on, you won’t have to spend hours thinking about where to go on vacation. Instead, you can use those hours planning your travel itinerary, or learning enough about your destination to successfully wing it once you get there.

Whether you want to go backpacking through remote lands, splurge on a luxury escapade, or choose an interesting destination for a family holiday, Travel Spin can take you far and beyond your usual travels. You’ll get to discover new places, learn about them, and plan your trip with very little hassle. If this isn’t the holiday planner you’ve fantasised about your whole life, it will top whatever else you had in mind.