Best of 2011: Travel & Landscapes

In 2011 I had the opportunity to travel to some amazing places and see some outstanding sights. Here’s my favourite photos. Top to bottom: The Great Ridge – Peak District, Long Mynd – Shropshire, Punto De Teno – Tenerife, Masca – Tenerife, Mam Tor – Peak District, Venice – Italy, Venice – Italy, Ironbridge – Shropshire, Clent Hills – Birmingham, Hope Valley – Peak District, London, London, The Roaches – Peak District

  • Tara

    I just want to ask on the image of Tenerife, is that color of the sky real? Such an amazing shot and what time did you took the image? Any plans to travel this year? To what places?

  • Princess

    This is surely are the best! I love all of them and I am having hard time on choosing my favorite but what the heck…all of them are my favorites. I cant wait to see more this year.

  • Ron Stan

    Wow, I’ve always dream of traveling and taking photos but you surely got a lot of great photos. Seeing your work makes me smile and its like me traveling in a different places.