How To: iPad & 5D Mk2 Wireless Tethering w/ WFT-E4 II

Here’s a quick video of one way I use my iPad for wireless tethering. It’s also great for handing to clients to proof images straight away, or leave it in my bag and check all the images when the shoot’s finished.

The set-up is really tricky (and not officially supported by canon or apple) and it took me about half a day to figure it out for myself. The best thing is this does not require jailbreaking! Here’s what you need…

First thing’s first, make sure everything’s charged, you don’t want your battery to die half-way through setup. Buy and download shuttersnitch from the app store and have a look around it (set your password etc)

Step by Step guide

Now for the tricky stuff! Follow this step by step guide to all the settings on the camera and the iPad… Click the thumbnails to see instructions


So here’s what we’ve done…

  • Created an adhoc wifi network on the WFT-E4
  • Connected the iPad to the WFT-E4’s network
  • Set the WFT to send images to the iPad for Shutter Snitch to pick up
  • Set Shutter Snitch to “listen” for new images from the WFT

Your iPad should now be set up to receive files wirelessly from your 5Dmk2. I usually have the settings set to transfer every photo automatically, only send small jpeg (trust me it makes transfers so much quicker!)

Update: I asked a canon rep if the WFT-E4ii will be compatible with the EOS 5D mk3 and they said no, a new version of the wireless grip will be released that fits the 5D3

  • Vicky

    Wow I never thought this is possible. Thanks for sharing a step by step guide on how to tether 5d mk2 and iPad. I will give it a try this Tuesday.  

  • Kevin

    Thanks for the heads up on the WFT.

    Many Thanks
    Kevin Roberts

  • Denver

    Thanks for such a great tutorial. I have a canon 40d with wft e3 the screens are slightly different and I have been able to figure out how to continue further. Desperate for some help how to configure this kit to my iPad.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry I’ve got no experience with the wft-e3. I imagine the setup would be fairly similar. The shuttersnitch forums might be useful to you –

      • learning.dslr

        hey hi any idea on how can we do this thing with a canon t3i or 600d pls…

        • ianegner

          If they use an SD card you can get an eye-fi

          • DANNY


          • John Goodwin

            I’m having the same problem as you Danny and have been trying everything. I can see the network on my iPad but cannot get the images into Shuttersnitch. What settings have you found to link Shuttersnitch?



  • Rootbmw

    This is great! Thanks for sharing.  I have a question for you.  On step 6 I’m not seeing the ad hoc wtf-canon as a selection, is there a reason for this?  any help would be great!



    • Anonymous

      If it’s not showing try “Enter Connection” and create an ad-hoc network, it should default to wft-canon

      • petter

        I’m trying to enter a connection but don’t know what selections I should do, ad-hoc yes but 11a, 11b or 11g? And are there anything more specific i should select?

        • petter

          worked it out, I’m using 11g and have to connect the ipad to the network when it’s created so I’ll do step 10 before step 7

          • Anonymous

            Yes, any of them will work but 11g is faster. Sadly the WFT-E2 doesn’t support the even faster spec 11n

  • Alvin

    Hi there thanks for posting this info… It was great…

    Question – what if we need to shoot Raw and jpeg … Do I have a choice of sending jpeg to photosnitch only…??? Pls advice…

    • Anonymous

      Yes, I recommend RAW+JPEG. RAW because it’s the best format for later, and small JPEG because it transfers much quicker. You can choose to only send the jpeg under WFT Settings -> Set Up -> Transfer type/size – > RAW+JPEG Transfer

  • Randy

    Thank you so much for this great tutorial. Like you said, super confusing, but your tutorial totally makes sense.

    So I’m guessing that any of the WFT devices would work, right? I have a WFT-E4A and have never been able to get it to work due to lack of knowledge.

    I’m thinking about using it at our next trade show where we will be taking pictures at the event. It would be cool to have it pop up the photos on the ipad, which is then hooked up to a large screen TV or projector, for everyone to see walking by our booth. Fun stuff! Can’t wait to try it all out.

    Thanks again.

    <Randy Jackson

    • Anonymous

      I would guess that any could work with similar settings but I’ve not tested it.

      I’ve used live photo slideshows at events before, just with a laptop hooked to projector. It can work with weddings, proms and parties too.

      • Bebe Daily

        Hi ianegner,
        Thanks so much for the great article!
        I am currently for the solution for live tethering to a Mac/PC and play live show.
        Grateful if you could kindly share your view/suggestions?

        I am using 5D2, MacBook Pro and want to buy a WFT-E4 IIa.
        Thanks a lot!

  • Emresezer

    Hi Thanks for great guide. But I don’t have Ad-hoc WFT-canon option on 6th step. It was there but disappeared. How can I set it back?

    • Emresezer

      I know this question has asked and replied before but, When try to create an Ad-Hoc again it just freeze on “Busy please wait” screen.

      Which way should I follow to bring back wtf-canon Ad-hoc

  • M Gentry

    I am glad I finally found this website. I have been pulling my hair out trying to get my wft-E2 to connect to my IPAD this made it so simple. Now I just got to make it work in the real world.  

  • Joakim Thornell

    Is it possible to shoot(remote) from a Ipad2? PTP setting like i do from a Imac?

    Fotograf Joakim Thornell

    • Anonymous

      I’m not sure Joakim. You definitely can’t do it with shuttersnitch, but there may be other apps out there or in development

    • David

      I have made this setup with an iphone previously – not even needing an app. All i did was to connect the 2 in an adhoc config, and then set the iphone to a static IP and the same with the WFT.
      After that i could access the WFT webpage from my safari browser n had all controls you usually have in EOS Utility – very easy to work with except every time my iphone went to “sleep” i lost the connection.
      Its very usefull however, since i do alot of shots from an 8 meter pole, and cant adjust the shutter etc when up there, it was always just a close guess.
      This was with the EOS 7D and the WFT for that one – i never tried this setup with th 5DII since i havent got a WFT-E4II (wont work with WFT-E4)

      • ianegner

        That’s a great idea david, I’ve never looked at the WFT web browser. I know from visiting Focus on Imaging this week that there are several developers making iOS remotes, receivers and lighting controllers. Exciting times!!

  • thanks a million man!  Was about to jailbreak the ipad2 and found your tut.   Worked like a charm with my 5D2 and iPad2, using the WFT and Shuttersnitch.   A few hiccups but they were answered in the comments below. 

    Big props!

  • Johnny

    hi, have done everystep but i get at the end: WFT error Err41, anybody?

    • LensPainter

      same problem with a 40D, 3GS and WFT-E3: Error 41

      • rob

        make a receive map on the iPad first in ShutterSnitch

  • jan

    my wft-e4 just doesn’t recognize the adhoc ‘wft-canon’ network. always get an error…

    thnx for the step by step anyway!

  • Gbsailing

    Pity you can’t read many of the thumbs on this page… especially the Shutter Snitch ones.  Could you document the settings or make the thumbs bigger so we can see what’s really going on?  Cheers

    • ianegner

      Click the thumbs to view them bigger!!

    • Gbsailing

      Apologies, I didn’t see the the click on thumbs bit…lol. sorry just disregard my post…

  • Derekyoung

    Appears that the Transmitter for the MKIII differs in that it looks as if it is thinner and not looking like a battery grip but more like a thin transmitter that would screw to the bottom of your vertical grip or just straight to the camera..any thoughts?

    • ianegner

      I’m not sure, the canon reps I’ve seen have recommended trying an eye-fi card with the mk3 as it has an SD slot, but I can’t imagine that’s as reliable as a dedicated unit!

  • Peter Dorr

    Love your walkthrough. Was really hoping to get it running.
    But continue to fail at the sames step as mentioned below…
    any other thoughts that might help ?

    I know this question has asked and replied before but, When try to create an Ad-Hoc again it just freeze on “Busy please wait” screen.Which way should I follow to bring back wtf-canon Ad-hoc

  • Rtbphoto

    Any idea how to do this with a 40d?

    • ianegner

      The WFT-E3a should do this, and the setup would be fairly similar

  • Ned

    The WFT set up with my PC has been a nightmare… I need this for live view so I can tilt and pan on a mast….. Canon have been trying but unable to help… all in all I have spent a week trying over a 6 month period…. its just a piece of junk!
    Ned Clark

    • ianegner

      I tried the WFT-Server mode for live view last week. By far the easiest to set up as there’s no settings at the computer end.

      Set it all up with the wizard on-camera, worked first time!

  • Info

    hello I am from Indonesia and  I want to buy Shutter Snitch can use the usb cable to ipad 2

  • Mike Blume

    Dear Ian,

    MAGNIFICIENT!!! Thanks SO much for this and your time to give it to us.

    I think this step by step manual is the ONLY working on the internet. It took about an hour for me to get into it but now it works as it should be, yeah! PERFECT!

    Best wishes    mike

  • Paul

    Thanks very much, I now have my 7d and 5d mkii talking to shutter snitch all works fine

  • Chadi2005

    Thank you very much for sharing this with everyone,just to let you know that it works also with the 1DX and its WFT-E6 thanks again

    • Slim

      Great to hear that this works with the 1DX and WFT-E6. Do you know if you can choose which file you want to send to you ipad/iphone instead of sending all the photos you shoot?

  • John Goodwin

    I’ve one big problem in that although I can see a network on my iPad and can also see that the camera is trying to download by transfer, I cannot see anything showing on Shuttersnitch. The network has the IP with and I’ve not seen any error messages from camera so presume everything is OK up to the point of transfer to my iPad. Are my settings for the network OK if not what should I check. The iPad and Shuttersnitch is telling me they are set to IP so that is what I’ve set the network too but not sure how or what to set the Router settings to other than on the network.

    So I think it must be one small change here to get me running.

    Any suggestions or help will be gratefully received as I’ve had the wft e5b attached to my Canon 7D for a whole week trying every which way to get connected.


    John Goodwin

    • LensPainter

      Hi every troubled body;)
      After trying for hours I consulted a friend, told him everything, showed him my settings and bingo! it worked! (He looked at me and said: “Where’s the problem?”)Why did it work there and not at home? Sometimes the home-network “grabs” the attention and it just won’t work. At his place, there were networks that were “unknown” for my iPhone and therefore not logged on to.Here are my settings.Canon-WFT:New Network: Ad-HocName: Canon-WFTIP: <<< has to be the same as the gateway255.255.255.0Gateway: <<< has to be the same as the IP-addressFTP: 26000Name: snitchPW: xxxxShuttersnitch:Name: snitch  <<< can be changedPW: xxxx       <<< can be changedFTP: <<< this may differ, then you have to set the FTP-address in the WFT to the same value. Port: 26000     <<< can be changedBest is, to get far away from any wifi or what so ever wireless network, so the iPhone and the WFT concentrate on themselves;)Regarding the "speed" of the ad-hoc network, it is strongly recommended to transfer small pictures – or be patient;)Cool thing is the possibility to put a watermark to the photo right from the beginning.Good luck!Kind regardsUwe

      • LensPainter

        Where are the line breaks in my post?

      • John Goodwin

        One thing I did very early on was to shut down my router so as to avoid any conflict. I’ll bet you were delighted when suddenly you were up and running.

        Unfortunately I’m still struggling. The one thing that I struggle with is although I know that my IPs has to match the IP of Shuttersnitch which in my case is as this is what Shuttersnitch is listening for but then I don’t really know if the Router IP as shown on the network Static Panel is correct. I have the port set to 2600 as again this is what Shuttersnitch is showing. As I’ve said; the camera is trying to transfer images and shows that it is. Just cannot get the iPad and Shuttersnitch to connect. I’ve tried doing a IP scan of the camera and the iPad IPs but get answers which don’t comprehend with setting as shown by Shuttersnitch, results are that the IP for shuttersnitch is so even there it hits a wall

        Can I visit your friend lol.

        Many many thanks for trying to help out.


        • John Goodwin


          I’m now over the MOON 

          Just a mix up on IPs. Got my brain finally in gear and bingo, this time I just knew it would work. Scanning IPs helped so much.

          My settings

          iPad :
          Wft e5b :
          Shuttersnitch :

          These are my settings and my advice would be to download an IP scanner app and use the settings it finds to set up an AD HOC network between iPad and a Canon 7D

          I tried following many others in getting things to work and had loads of help. None worked for me, so scan IPs and then use those settings.

          Best wishes to everyone for a great Christmas and many hours of Happy shooting.


          John Goodwin

  • John Goodwin

    You helped so much in your guidance icons. Great way to pass things on and teach


    John Goodwin

  • Hi..
    Im all new at all of this camera thing.
    But wanted to hear if you could help me..
    If got a Canon EOS 500D. And i really like your setupl
    So i like to know. is it possible to get the WFT-E4 II
    to fit my Camera ??

    Kind Regard

    • Ian

      No, there is a WFT grip for the 500d but as it has an SD card slot you can use an eye-fi

  • Farney1964

    Brilliant. I will try with my 5d and the wft e1a. Thanks for sharing