How To: iPad & 5D Mk2 Wireless Tethering w/ WFT-E4 II

Here’s a quick video of one way I use my iPad for wireless tethering. It’s also great for handing to clients to proof images straight away, or leave it in my bag and check all the images when the shoot’s finished.

The set-up is really tricky (and not officially supported by canon or apple) and it took me about half a day to figure it out for myself. The best thing is this does not require jailbreaking! Here’s what you need…

First thing’s first, make sure everything’s charged, you don’t want your battery to die half-way through setup. Buy and download shuttersnitch from the app store and have a look around it (set your password etc)

Step by Step guide

Now for the tricky stuff! Follow this step by step guide to all the settings on the camera and the iPad… Click the thumbnails to see instructions


So here’s what we’ve done…

  • Created an adhoc wifi network on the WFT-E4
  • Connected the iPad to the WFT-E4’s network
  • Set the WFT to send images to the iPad for Shutter Snitch to pick up
  • Set Shutter Snitch to “listen” for new images from the WFT

Your iPad should now be set up to receive files wirelessly from your 5Dmk2. I usually have the settings set to transfer every photo automatically, only send small jpeg (trust me it makes transfers so much quicker!)

Update: I asked a canon rep if the WFT-E4ii will be compatible with the EOS 5D mk3 and they said no, a new version of the wireless grip will be released that fits the 5D3