My New Stock Agent: Robert Harding World Imagery

I’m delighted to announce that I was recently signed by the world’s leading independent travel photography specialist; Robert Harding World Imagery, and my photos now represented by them. I’ll be submitting all my new travel & landscape photography here where it will be available for commercial and editorial use under rights managed license. Check out my growing collection here.

  • Nick

    Congrats Ian..¬†Robert Harding World Imagery is the world’s leading independent travel photography specialist.
     You completely deserve it..My best wished for you..

  • Mariya

    Always love visiting your website and your collection seems to become amazing day by day.. Its a treat for our eyes..THanx for sharing your talent with us..

  • Andrew Michael

    Hi Egner,
    How has your experience with Robert Harding been? Are sales strong? I am trying to decide whether to go with them or not.

    • ianegner

      There’s very very few sales direct on RH but they re-sell through all the other big agencies so volumes are higher then going with on of the others, but it’s an extra hand taking a slice so royalties aren’t as good.

      To be honest I’m not up to date with the wider stock industry so my advice might not be the best!

      • Andrew Michael

        Thanks for the feedback.

  • Andrew Michael

    Hi Egner, I looked at your images on Robert Harding and they are very impressive. I am surprised that you have so few though. Are you still actively contributing? I started tentatively contributing 3 months ago but have yet to receive a sale report. So still waiting to see if they are worthwhile or not. See: