Tenerife Travel

El Teide Volcano
In January I travelled to Tenerife to escape Britain’s horrible winter. It’s an amazing island with some of the most amazing driving roads in the world. There’s so much variety; beaches, forests, winding valleys and Spain’s tallest mountain, El Teide. Here’s a selection of photos and some video shot on my Canon 5d Mk2. Click here to view it in HD.

  • Milly

    Tenerife is really a nice place to escape the winter. I will try to go there and see it for myself. Your photos made me want to go there now. Nice pictures!

  • Michael Roberts

    I agree with you. Tenerife is a must-visit place, especially for nature trippers, mountaineers, and hikers who simply want to witness the craftsmanship of Mother Nature. I’m going to visit here this year with some hiker friends, camping out in Tiede National Park and climbing the summit of Mt. Tiede itself. Would you know an affordable place where we could stay for the first and last day of our trip? Thanks!