Switzerland & Austria Travel

Here’s a selection of photos from a recent trip to Switzerland, Austria and Northern Italy, keep an eye out for a “behind the shot” technique guide soon on the blog!

  • Will

    These are marvelous
    shots! I really want to know how you did the first photo. I can’t wait for
    the behind the shot guide.

  • Julesdeak

    I was in Austria last month. The Austrian mountain village is a place of harmony and peace. You took nice pictures of these places.

  • Arg

    Switzerland is a very nice place. The photos made me feel I was there too. The pictures are so alive.

  • June

    Two thumbs up! The
    pictures are of high quality. I want to learn how you did it. I will come
    back and check.

  • Vincent

    My family went to Zurich to attend a wedding. I hope next time I can come and visit these amazing places. This site is definitely worth sharing.

  • Switzerland is worth visiting just to see these amazing landscapes…