Morocco Travel

In 2009 I travelled to Marrakech for a week of photography. One of the best experiences was camping al fresco in the Sahara Desert. I only wish I’d stayed off the beaten track more. The city centre left me fed up of noise, pollution and people constantly trying to rip me off, but I’ll never forgot the fantastic desert scenery and winding mountain roads.

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  • Jeniescopi

    What lens did you use for these pictures? Did you do some editing too? I want to learn more how to take great pictures like you do. I am using a Canon 5d Mark II. 

  • Arnilaveia

    I also want to know what settings you used on your camera. Did you take this using your Canon 5D? These are pretty nice shots.

  • Some nice shots Ian.  I went to Morocco myself earlier this year, and it’s certainly a great country to shoot.  I love the warm tones in all of these shots you’ve got here, really enhances the dusty desert feeling.