Beach Fashion Photoshoot

Models (ltr): Michelle, Dale, Rach, Ellie

Assistants: Lee Jordan, Simon Cole

Location: Church Bay, Anglesey

Behind the scenes video here

  • Julia

    Hi! These are nice photos. I like the last 3 photos more. How many hours did it take to finish the photoshoot? 

  • Jeniffer

    Wow, these are fabulous photos! It made me want to be a model too. I am sure you all had fun while doing the shoot.

  • Cindy

    The models look like they were having fun. What did you use for this shoot? Did you use skylite here?

  • Jerome

    The Church Bay sure looks calm and a nice place to do this photo shoot. The models look great too. I am an aspiring digital photographer and hopefully someday I can have this kind of shoot by the beach.

  • Wilson

    This is amazing! I always wanted to have a beach photoshoot. How many hours did you stay there to finish everything?

  • Pierre

    I hope to have a mini-photoshoot with friends over the weekend and we want to have a beach theme. This beach looks serene. We hope to find one like this too. Thanks for sharing these wonderful shots.

  • Trish

    Fashion shoots are very fun to do. I once assisted our photographer in a shoot just like this and I did enjoy it. Plus I learned a few camera tricks too.

  • Bob

    We had a fashion photoshoot last month and our company assigned 3 photographers. I know how gruelsome it is since we worked long hours and the sun was really up high. Nonetheless, it was all worth it. Our bosses liked the shots we took and will have another one next month. 

  • Mindy

    I am a fashion model and I enjoy outdoor photoshoot. That is why I decided to learn photography because I appreciate how they work behind the camera. Your site make it easy to understand and help me learn each time I visit. I hope you can post more techniques on your sample shots too. Thanks.

  • Rick

    Amazing that people love your photos and I too am so into it! I thought of going back to your old post will give me more inspiration to do my best as well as a photographer. I want to be as good as you. For me, you are the best among the best worldwide.

  • Oliver_cent

    I just cant stop admiring your work. I’ve been comparing your work to other professional but you always stands out among the list. 

  • Kris

    I just want to know how it was working with these models. I had fun looking at your collections. I just bookmarked your site and will surely visit again.