Case Study: Walsall College Billboard Campaign

Billboard Campaign - Ian Egner for Walsall College

The Client

Walsall College is a further education college in Walsall providing qualifications for 14-19 year olds. Last summer their marketing department commissioned me to shoot a series of photos for a new advertising campaign aimed at school leavers. The adverts were displayed on billboards and buses around the west midlands, printed in local newspapers and magazine, and displayed online.

Before the Shoot

I was presented with a concept and the strap-line “Give Yourself a Flying Start”. As well as photography, I was tasked with location scouting so I spent a morning on the lookout for a graffiti-free wall (a rare sight in Walsall!) that we would have access to use for a photoshoot.

Location Scouting - Walls in Walsall

On the Day

Current students volunteered as models and after a quick briefing with the client we took the short walk to our selected location. My strobist setup allowed me to set up in minutes and begin shooting quickly.


The wall was in the shade and I lit the subjects with a lastolite ezybox hotshoe. I shot all the models in a variety of angles and orientations to give the graphic designer a lot of options for copyspace and composition.

Strobist Ezybox Hotshoe

Client Feedback

“Ian’s a great freelancer with creative flair and he produced some fab shots for us. We’re really happy with the look. Definately someone we can use again!” – Narjit, Marketing Team @ Walsall College

Shortly after this project Walsall College booked me to shoot images for their 2011 prospectus too!

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