Case Study: Bodybuilding Competition Photography

[Update] Andy won the competition! See his before and after photos here

Andy Peters is an amateur bodybuilder and needed some new photos for an adonis body transformation competition. Strict competition rules meant that the photos couldn’t be edited, and had to be submitted immediately after the shoot, so I had to get everything right in camera and decided to shoot on a white background with cross and rim lighting to bring out muscle definition.

“I wholeheartedly recommend you get your photos taken by Ian Egner. He was friendly, welcoming, and knows how to make you look your best. He put me at ease, captured my best features and I was really impressed to see photos in high res as they were being taken, on the studio monitor. A definite recommendation” – Andrew Peters

  • Ryan

    He surely deserves to win. I saw the before and after image and I think Ian’s photo gave it an edge. The muscles are so clear compared to other competitors of Andrew. Nice job Ian and Adrew surely should thank you.

  • Pierre

    Look at that! Such a big transformation! I cant believe my eyes when I saw the before image.