Best of 2011: Commercial

M25 Dartford Junction 2 London
In 2011 worked with a wide variety of commercial clients in the UK and abroad. Here are some of my favourite photos from the projects I enjoyed the most

Melissa Walton Model

Forest Camping Commercial Photography

4x4 car advert jeep

M6 Motorway Night

Birmingham Vintage Car Photographer

Jake Mahal Entertainer

Monza World Series by Renault - Comtec Racing

Team Red Bull World Series By Renault

Comtec Racing Team

  • Brian Stevenson

    I love the most was the Audi S3. The image really shines and with that car I think that fits on my computer desktop as my wallpaper. Love it!

  • Jessie Tag

    How many in total have you worked in a commercial client in the past 2 years? This is really something and I want to be your apprentice. 

  • Jer Scott

    I am excited to see more of your work this year? I hope to see more car images. 

  • Inspiring, Ian! I need some clients thrown my way!