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How To: Geotag photos in Lightroom 4 w/ phone GPX track

Lightroom 4's new map module is great, it makes it really easy to geotag your photos, view them all on a map and search through your library by location. Here's a really nifty way of automatically geotagging photos, all you need is a smartphone with GPS.

Behind the Scenes: Beach Fashion Photoshoot

Behind the scenes video from a recent beach fashion photoshoot with Michelle Grice, Dale Ballinger, Rach Porteous, Ellie Daffern.

How To: iPad & 5D Mk2 Wireless Tethering w/ WFT-E4 II

The set-up is really tricky (and not officially supported by canon or apple) and it took me about half a day to figure it out for myself. The best thing is this does not require jailbreaking! Here's what you need...

Tenerife Travel

El Teide Volcano

In January I travelled to Tenerife to escape Britain’s horrible winter. It’s an amazing island with some of the most amazing driving roads in the world. There’s so much variety; beaches, forests, winding valleys and Spain’… Read More