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Beach Fashion Photoshoot

Photos from a recent beach fashion photoshoot with Michelle Grice, Dale Ballinger, Rach Porteous, Ellie Daffern.

Italy Travel: Venice, Milan, Como

In May I travelled to Italy again just a week after my assignment in Monza. I shot travel images in Venice, Milan and Lake Como. Here's some of my favourite photos...

Switzerland & Austria Travel

Here's a selection of photos from a recent trip to Switzerland, Austria and Northern Italy, keep an eye out for a "behind the shot" technique guide soon on the blog!

Assignment: Motorsports in Monza

I was recently commissioned to shoot reportage and high-speed motorsport photos for racing teams & drivers at the World Series by Renault races in Monza, Italy. It was a very enjoyable (and hectic) trip and a great introduction to the high-speed … Read More

Tenerife Travel

El Teide Volcano

In January I travelled to Tenerife to escape Britain’s horrible winter. It’s an amazing island with some of the most amazing driving roads in the world. There’s so much variety; beaches, forests, winding valleys and Spain’… Read More

Stockholm Travel

Travel Photography Stockholm

In January 2009 I travelled to a very cold, very cloudy Stockholm, Sweden. Whilst most of the weekend was spent experiencing the Swedish nightlife, There were only 4 hours of sunlight!, I managed to brave the cold and take a selection of photos before my … Read More

Morocco Travel

In 2009 I travelled to¬†Marrakech¬†for a week of photography. One of the best experiences was camping al fresco in the Sahara Desert. I only wish I’d stayed off the beaten track more. The city centre left me fed up of noise, pollution and people cons… Read More