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Review: Lastolite Triflash Bracket

The Lastolite Tri-Flash is a bracket designed to mount 3 hotshoe flashes (speedlites) onto one lightstand. Tripling your flash is really useful when you want to get extra power, or combining low powered output for faster flash recycle times. The brac… Read More

Lastolite Skylite Reflector & Diffuser Kit Review

The skylite system has become an essential part of my location equipment, for both fashion and commercial photography. It's flexible and really helps turn challenging light into flattering light.

Lastolite Hotrod Stripbox Review

The Hotrod Strip Softbox is Lastolite’s newest softbox for hotshoe flashes. It’s long length makes it ideal for rim lighting fashion portraits and product photography catchlights. It has a good solid mount and hotshoe plate, but the ma… Read More

Canon WFT-E4 II Review

This piece of kit is without doubt one of the best purchases I have ever made! It's changed my workflow dramatically and helps me deliver better results for my clients. My enthusiasm could only be topped if it wasn't so expensive.

Canon 14mm f/2.8L II Review

On a recent trip around Central Europe I decided to rent Canon's widest full-frame lens, the 14mm f2.8L. At £1800 this is definitely not a lens I would buy before trying it out properly first. The lens itself is quite compact, especially for a 2.8. It's build solidly, has a

How to get Alienbees studio lighting in the UK

American lighting manufacturer Alienbees produce some of the best value studio lighting available. Especially their ABR-800 Ringflash, at only $399 in the states, compared to much more for comparible Elinchrom or Bowens models it’s a no bra… Read More

Drobo Review

Drobo for Photographers

Drobo is a hard disk array that makes data backup simple, safe and somewhat stylish. It’s a sleek box that holds up to 4 interchangeable SATA hard drives, backing each other up, protecting your data from drive failures. Cali Lewis sums it up in thi… Read More

5 Reasons I love my iPad

I’ve craved an iPad ever since the first generation model was announced last year. As soon as the 2nd gen was launched I started hunting and picked up a barely used 1st gen for a bargain. My only regret is not getting one sooner! Here’s why:… Read More