Canon WFT-E4 II Review

Update: I asked a canon rep if the WFT-E4ii will be compatible with the EOS 5D mk3 and they said no, a new version of the wireless grip will be released that fits the 5D3

Canon’s wireless file transfer unit allows you to send files as they’re being shot straight to a laptop, pc or even iPad. It’s a much cleaner alternative to dragging a long USB cable across the studio floor. The built in firmware for the WFT-E4 allows a lot more options for file transfer than USB and is actually quicker at transferring jpegs!

It has 3 options; FTP, PTP and HTTP. So far I’ve only used FTP for file transfer, and briefly the PTP remote shooting mode which can be very useful for certain assignments. It’s quite tricky to set up so I’d recommend Julian Love’s set up guide here.

It allows you to save presets, which I have set up for transfer to laptop, both via ad-hoc network and my studio wifi, transfer to my studio iMac over wifi or transfer to my iPad via ad-hoc. It also gives you the option to transfer every photo instantly, or just photos you select in playback mode. My most common use is transferring photos to my laptop, auto-import into lightroom and display on my studio monitor for clients, models or myself to look at for instant feedback.


  • Quick easy transfer to all of my devices
  • It’s a battery grip too, no extra weight or size if you’re used to using one already
  • Clients love seeing images straight away
  • It lets me check all the technical aspects of an image while I’m shooting, then adjust technique accordingly


  • Price. It’s £600, which puts it out of reach for a lot of people. If eye-fi can do the same functionality for £50 then why can’t canon?
  • Set-Up. Unless you’re a networking genius it is a nightmare to get set up
  • Needs an extra battery. Luckily I have a spare, but it would be nice if Canon included one!
  • Doesn’t use the latest wifi spec (band N), which could make it 6x as fast!

This piece of kit is without doubt one of the best purchases I have ever made! It’s changed my workflow dramatically and helps me deliver better results for my clients. My enthusiasm could only be topped if it wasn’t so expensive.