Lastolite Hotrod Stripbox Review

The Hotrod Strip Softbox is Lastolite’s newest softbox for hotshoe flashes. It’s long length makes it ideal for rim lighting fashion portraits and product photography catchlights. It has a good solid mount and hotshoe plate, but the main difference between this and lastolite’s ezybox range is that it doesn’t fold down and pop out. I have one of each size, 40x120cm and 30x120cm.

It takes about 5 mins to construct using a few plastic pieces, metal rods and the fabric reflection and diffusion material. Since I got them I haven’t packed them away, when they’re not in use I have them hung on my studio wall. They’re really really light, and are easily supported by my smallest light stands.

At first I was worried about it giving a hot spot with using a small flash, but the inner diffusion panel makes sure there is an even spread of light. I tend to use a sto-fen diffuser on the flash head too, just to add a bit more diffusion.


  • Lightweight, sturdy design
  • Good performance, provides great quality light
  • Only strip softbox available for hotshoe flashes


  • Doesn’t fold up/down quickly
  • Quite a lot of light spill from the back
  • Quite expensive if you don’t use rim lighting a lot

This has become one of my most used light modifiers and I’m really glad I bought them. Hopefully Lastolite will add pop-up functionality to the next version!

  • Debbie

    This review made it easy for me to decide if I need to get one or not. I always waited for your review before buying any device or equipment. Thanks for the review! Till the next one.

  • James

    My biggest priority in choosing camera equipment is how easy I can construct it. I don’t want to wait that long to assemble one so this softbox will be added on my list. Thanks for covering everything we need to know on your review.

  • Lindsay

    The sample photos are great! Nevertheless, I will still recommend the Hotrod Strip Softbox to my fellow photographer. This will help them a lot.

  • Myrene

    I am just a beginner and I am learning a lot from your articles here. I am always on the look-out for equipment that will help me in my chosen career. Soon, I will get what I need. Thank you for the review.

  • Applepedro

    I just got 2 of those and they are fantastic… well build.. is a little hard to setup… but very good quality…