Drobo Review

Drobo for Photographers

Drobo is a hard disk array that makes data backup simple, safe and somewhat stylish. It’s a sleek box that holds up to 4 interchangeable SATA hard drives, backing each other up, protecting your data from drive failures. Cali Lewis sums it up in this quick video overview

I’ve been using mine (2nd generation) for a few months now and I wish I’d got one sooner! I use it as my main RAW file store for images that I’ve finished working on, and as a time machine for automatic backups from my iMac’s internal hard drive.

It works like a RAID. All your hard drives are combined to display as one drive on your desktop, making it simple for whatever backup workflow you use. One of the main benefits of the drobo is that you can expand the size very easily by adding or exchanging bigger hard drives, and it automatically gives you the extra space and rewrites the backup across all drives.


  • Simple setup, easy to maintain and add extra storage
  • Design – It looks great, hard drives slot in very easily and external LEDs show disk status and capacity
  • Network support – Droboshare addon or the FS version allow you to access your drobo over networks, also assists in offsite backups
  • Firewire 800 port – Fast, and it doesn’t use up one of my valuable USB ports!


  • Heat & noise – It can sometimes get hot so make sure you allow plenty of space for ventilation


At £300 (without any hard drives) this is an expensive piece of kit. It all comes down to how much you value your data. For any professional photographer backup is essential and a drobo makes things much easier, and gives you that all important peace of mind.