5 Reasons I love my iPad

I’ve craved an iPad ever since the first generation model was announced last year. As soon as the 2nd gen was launched I started hunting and picked up a barely used 1st gen for a bargain. My only regret is not getting one sooner! Here’s why:

  1. It can do almost everything my laptop does, it weighs a lot less and the battery lasts a lot longer. I do most of my work on my iMac, and now all my on-the-go admin work can be done on my iPad.
  2. Clients love looking at my portfolio on it. The reaction I’ve had from people swiping through my photos has been very positive. It managed to attract a small crowd at the last networking evening I went to!
  3. I can update my portfolio instantly. I had a nice big portfolio book printed in January, but it’s out of date already. With my iPad portfolio I can add new photos quickly with dropbox, and I can organize and edit photos accordingly for the client I want to show my portfolio to.
  4. I read a lot more blogs, magazines and books. The high quality screen and some well designed apps (Flipboard, Reeder etc) make browsing and reading content very quick and enjoyable.
  5. Wireless Tethering (kinda). Ok, so I still need a laptop wired into the camera but I can make images appear instantly on the iPad screen with the LiveView app. (I will post a how to guide in the future)